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Viridi Ireland

    • The 3 companies WCC, Fingleton White and PRG Power have combined their expertise to form a new Energy Supply Company called Viridi Energy Limited.


    • Viridi is staffed by its owners who will manage all aspects of Viridi Energy, including fund raising, PV Solar systems design and optimisation, PV Solar construction, maintenance, operation and reporting.


    • Highly experienced energy sector executive Ciaran McManus as CEO.

Example of PV Solar funded by WCC.

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Internationally recognized independent validation

1. Verification from leading rating ESG company “Sustainalytics” of conformance of the Partners PV Solar project to the Green Principles of the Capital Markets Association.

  • Green Principles include
    1. Use of Proceeds  
    2. Project Evaluation and Selection
    3. Management of Proceeds
    4. Reporting

2. Certification of the green bonds by the Climate Bond Initiative. The Climate Bonds Standard and certification scheme is a fair-trade-like labelling scheme for bonds. Rigorous scientific criteria ensure that it Bonds are consistent with the 2 degrees Celsius warming limit in the Paris Agreement. The Scheme is used globally by bond issues, governments, investors and the financial markets to prioritize investments which genuinely contribute to addressing climate change. The CBI has certified over US$1 trillion of green bonds.

3. Annual post-issuance verification by Sustainalytics including verification of the amount of CO2 offset by the PV Solar project funded by the green bonds

4. WCC will work with Partner to use the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol’s Policy and Action Standard to quantify how much a Partners PV Solar program would reduce the companies greenhouse gas emissions.

Viridi’s International Partners

International Partners

CBI Certifications

Verification of conformance to green bond principles


Viridi Energy Ireland Green Pioneer Awards London 2020

Green Pioneer Awards London 2020

Viridi Energy Ireland Certification for WREL#2

Certification for WREL#2

Viridi Energy Certification WCC Barbados Limited

Certification for WREL